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Should I Feed a Baby Opossum I Found?

It is a very sad fact that most of the baby Riverside opossums end up being orphaned because they lose their mothers as a consequence of different accidents. This is something really troubling because baby opossums are defiantly not in a position of surviving so if you find one, then it is better that you should take it into your own care because this will definitely be a good favor for the young one who will otherwise have to suffer a lot. It is also advised that by accident if your car kills a California opossum, then take out sometime and make sure that she has not left any babies behind.

Your first preference should always be to check either babies are injured or not because if they are injured then medical assistance will be the urgent requirement. If the babies are fine, then you can take them into your own care without any delay. Now the big question is that should I feed a baby opossum I found? The answer is obviously yes because babies will need food for their nutrition and survival however; important point is that food should be provided to them according to their demands as well as requirements is a careful manner because in no way we want to put the life of California animal at risk.

As far as feeding the Riverside animal is concerned you should consider offering diluted formula after every two hours taking help from 1cc syringes, eye droppers etc. Syringes are normally considered as better options as lesser chances of aspiration are related with them. You should consider feeding animals after regular intervals because this is the something which plays a crucial part in the survival of California animal. The formula for feed is being mentioned below for our readers so that they can have a better idea of things.

• One part ESBILAC powder
• Three parts of water

As mentioned earlier you should use 1 cc syringe for feeding the formula. Start by wrapping the baby inside cloth for keeping it warmer as well as securer also you should hold the animal in sitting up posture. Opossums will lick using it so you can consider this one as an effective as well as easy strategy. As soon as babies get used to this formula you can start pouring some of it inside shallow dish. This will be helpful and you will realize that babies are getting used to newer feeding habits. Another suggestion is that you should consider including as much natural items as you can in the feed as it will bring positive influences.

Apart from all this you should wash your hands after dealing with the baby or after cleaning its cage. You should start by washing bedding also separate the dishes, which are used from the ones, that are your own. In case you feel that your feed is not providing expected results or the case is that you can't handle the situation, then get in touch with Riverside experts because they can handle everything.

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