Riverside Wildlife and Animal Removal

California Groundhogs

Groundhog is a Riverside animal coming from the rodent family which is same as the rats. Groundhog also known as wood chug. It is commonly seen in various parts of Central America, North America and Alaska. This low land creature is commonly seen in the low lands of the mountains of American continents. California groundhog can be seen in the springs than colder seasons of the year.

California groundhogs are having well developed body which helps them digging and find buried food. Groundhogs can dig faster with their strong nails. Groundhogs are one of the large ground animals seen in their region. They can have length of around 40 to 60 cm and weigh up to 4-5 kg on average. As the body of the Riverside groundhogs are considered they can lean in and dig faster with their strong body type which is developed as ideal for digging and searching the food around the hidden places of the mountain areas.

Groundhogs have populated more in last few centuries as the availability of enough food resources in the region they choose to live. Most people of the America and Canada are familiar with the groundhogs. Groundhogs are generally herbivorous they it different type of plant materials including vegetables, berries and other available veg food. Groundhogs also tend to eat the insects around them such as grasshopper. The prime predators of the Riverside groundhogs are wolves, and other similar wild animals in the region. According to studies it is found that the groundhogs doesn't drink water directly. But they use the water content of the plants they eat to survive. As the groundhogs are very good diggers they can do holes in the grounds about a few meters. They usually make 3-4 entrances to the net of the holes they dig. The groundhogs tend to hibernate in the winter period. They create their own burrows too. They use this burrows to go for the hibernation for a long time.

Generally the Riverside groundhogs give birth to the babies in the second year of their age. The mother tend to be with the newborn babies for one month or around. At a time they can give birth to 2 to 6 babies. The babies are blind when they are born they open their eyes after few weeks. Groundhogs are encountered with people often as they roam into the gardens and lawns of the people. California groundhogs can create unwanted holes in private property of the people.

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