What is Raccoon Eviction Fluid?

The Raccoon or a common Riverside Raccoon is a mammal native to Northern American region in the severe cold. Their body is covered with thick grey fur coats to make them warm. Raccoon have a body weighted 9 kilogram and length is 40 to 70 cm respectively.

• 33% plant food such as bushes small plants.
• 23% vertebrates such as fishes and birds.
• 40% invertebrates such as earth worm, centipede.

Raccoon are very famous for their intelligence according to a survey Riverside raccoons can remember tasks for 3 years from they learned.

Eviction fluid: Raccoon fluid is a secretion of female and urine of male raccoon's secrets during the birthing period of California raccoons. It is very smelly and use as a medicine for removal of raccoons from the danger of male raccoons and backyards.

Male Riverside Raccoon The baby killer: Like every male animal raccoon too used to kill and eat their babies but as every mother female raccoon too find the safer place to hide her baby raccoon from their killer father. Male raccoon kill the babies as they smells that the babies are not his. Eviction fluid is a dangerous bell the female and male raccoon as they know that there is a male California raccoon coming to kill her baby raccoon which are not belong to him.

Raccoon safer place
Female California raccoon when smells the eviction fluid they find the safer place for their little ones if she has a den the idea to move from the place is fine but if not she find the places in human attics ad back yards.

Raccoon Fluid in market
Raccoon eviction fluid is available both in liquid and paste form and useful to trap California female raccoon out of the attic and backyards.

How to use to eviction fluidto trap raccoons
Raccoon find the safer place to hide their little ones because it is not easy for them to survive. Male Riverside raccoons are dangerous for their young ones in the forest while in the urban areas, humans are their victims. The good idea to trap raccoons is to spray raccoon eviction fluid on the rugs, on tennis balls.And if these ideas do not work then the only solution is to throw the young ones and trap the mother California raccoons.

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