What to do About a Trap-Shy Rat

They say that the best laid plans are not always that ones that work out the way you had intended. Oh, how true this is. No matter how brilliant or even simple and successful it should be, there are times when things simply do not work out as we had intended. That is just a fact of life.

This is true of trying to rid your Riverside home of pests and rodents that you do not want there any longer. You may have thought of using the brilliant idea of installing a trap and just expecting that the rat would crawl right in, you would dispose of the critter and your problem is resolved. The problem is that the California rat was having none of it. He or she is simply too afraid to enter the trap and so your great plan is shot.

That begs the question as to what can be done when you are in a situation like this. How do you get a trap-shy Riverside rat to crawl in your trap? It is a good question. The best response is that you have to do two things to make this a success. The first of these is to ensure that the bait you are using is something that is simply to yummy to avoid. The success in this area depends on two things: aroma of the bait and its longevity. Many people choose such thing as cheese and bread, and these do have a great smell to them, but they also can become moldy and quite pungent in a short period of time. The rate may not find this an appetizing treat after sitting out for a day or two.

A great alternative to this is the use of something like peanut butter. It not only has a pleasing aroma and lasts for a while out of the container, it also makes the rate stay for some time. It simply can't take the peanut butter and run. The rat has to stay and eat it there. This makes it much easier to catch. You also have to understand that your bait is not going to work if there are other alternatives for the California rat to find for food. You have to eliminate other food options as much as you can. This means putting food in special containers, and keeping it off the cabinet or in other areas that may be easy for the Riverside rat to access. This will force it to turn to your bait.

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