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Skunk Prevention Tips

The main reason most people don't want the Riverside skunks in their house is the bad smell they spread around. The liquid spread from the anal glands lead most to cover noses. In addition to that these little dirty animals can cause for the mess around while stealing and eating the fruits and other variety of food they eat daily. However they look cute and they don't seem to give you any physical pain they can harm your nose a lot.

These small creature can dig with their extra sharp nails and can create wholes in your garden and property. As they come you can notice their presence by the smell the spread around. Skunks often can enter your attic in search of food and can damage your wooden walls and can spread dirt on your lawns. Preventing California skunks is easy task all you have to do is use this easy tricks to keep them away of your place. Skunks tend to come to your place in search of food at most time. So if you can block that food source you can comparatively block their incoming in your house/attic. One of the most basic and common thing you can do to block the skunks is using the intense light. Skunks height places with intense light that's why they prefer to walk around the shady places. In addition to the adding intense light you can enclose the entry holes used by the Riverside skunks. These two ways are enough in most skunk problems.

Pet food and fruits scattered near the trees are the attractants for the Riverside skunks. Hiding these attractants can help you get the skunks out of the place. If you got a lawn and you want permanent repellent to keep the skunks away then you can think about establishing the motion activated sprinklers. As many animals including skunks hate water and they run as the water is spread on them. The same water sprinklers can be used to wash and irrigate the lawn.

Repelling skunks with natural repellents such as the pepper and mint can help you to keep the California skunks out. You can also mix these natural ingredients in the pet food and keep out in the backyard or garden to let the skunks eat it. This will safely keep the skunks out and will make the squirrels think twice before coming back to your property. As the wild animals can be repelled by live trapping and moving them to a place far from your attic. There are smell free traps available which won't make your hands smell after catching these little animals. There are quick-kill traps and body clamping traps available in the market but using them can lead to insane killing of wild Riverside animals is not humanly.

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